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I am a postdoc researcher in the University of Indiana, Bloomington, working on sex chromosomes and sexual selection in Silene latifolia, with Lynda Delph. I previously worked on homomorphic sex chromosomes on both the common frog Rana temporaria and the annual dioecious plant Mercurialis annua, in the University of Lausanne, in the labs of Nicolas Perrin, John Pannell and Mark Kirkpatrick. The sex chromosome unique to the heterogametic sex (Y or W) is affected by evolutionary forces that lead to its degeneration. Recent studies on non-model organisms, however, identify many cases of sex chromosomes that are not differentiated in the heterogametic sex, questioning the inevitability of sex chromosome degeneration. I have also worked on sexual selection in Drosophila (D. montana - Mike Ritchie, Roger Butlin, Anneli Hoikkala and D. pseudoobscura Mike Ritchie, Rhonda Snook) and a neo-sex chromosome hybrid zone on the grasshopper Podisma pedestris (Richard Nichols).
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