Characterisation of YY plants in M. annua

A study of viability and fertility of YY plants, produced by hormonal treatment and prunning, allows to determine the phenotypic effects of possible Y chromosome degeneration.


We are assessing the level of Y chromosome degeneration by growing individuals containing two Y chromosomes, generated by mating hormonally feminised males with normal males. Potential phenotypic differences between XY and YY males provide information on the level of Y chromosome degeneration and potential accumulation of male-beneficial alleles on the Y.

We are also following up on the lower YY genotype fertility, identified from sex ratio analysis in crosses of XY and YY males, through electron microscopy of XY and YY pollen.

This work started as a summer student project, in collaboration with Guillaume Cossard and Xinji Li.


Collection of phenotypic data of a potential YY individual.