University of Lausanne campus
The evolution of homomorphic sex chromosomes

Past and present research

I am currently a premier assistant in the University of Lausanne, working on homomorphic sex chromosomes on both the common frog Rana temporaria and the annual dioecious plant Mercurialis annua.

The sex chromosome unique to the heterogametic sex (Y or W) is affected by evolutionary forces that lead to its degeneration. Recent studies on non-model organisms, however, identify many cases of sex chromosomes that are not differentiated in the heterogametic sex, questioning the inevitability of sex chromosome degeneration.

To further understand the dynamics of sex chromosome evolution in non-differentiated sex chromosomes a collaboration has been set up between labs specialising in frogs (Nicolas Perrin), plants (John Pannell) and theory (Mark Kirkpatrick). Fellow postdocs in this endeavour are Wen-Juan Ma , Melissa Toups and Changde Cheng.

In the past, I have worked on sexual selection in Drosophila (D. montana and D. pseudoobscura) and a neo-sex chromosome hybrid zone on the grasshopper Podisma pedestris.