Fish bake

Works from frozen. The trick is not to bake the vegetables.

Fish bake


  • Frozen fish
  • fresh carrot
  • fresh broccoli
  • olive oil
  • lemon
  • asparagus
  • frozen peas or your favourite vegetable
  • spices (paprika, dill, parsley


Place fish in aluminum foil and sprinkle spices on top. Put thin lemon wedges on top to prevent burning and wrap completely in foil.

Put on top of the foil asparagus stalks.

Put in over at 180oC until fone. Frozen might take 40 min, the wrapping should prevent drying.

Peel and cut carrots, and cut broccoli to small pieces. The trick is not to overboil them. Carrots need 5 min, broccoli needs 3. Start timer from boiling.

Once the time has passed, immediately drain. You can slightly stir fry in oil and spices.

Microwave the frozen vegetables.

Combine all food in a plate and enjoy!

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